FVCbank is a little different than your average bank. But what, exactly, is that difference? That’s a question we put to ourselves. After long thought and collaboration, we came up with our own definition of who we are and how we want to do business — our manifesto, if you will. It states:

  • Together, we are FVCbank.
  • We exist to make our clients successful; our success is measured only by their success.
  • We believe service is not just a handshake and a friendly face; service is thinking, solving, fixing, flexing and believing.
  • We reject the notion that bigger — or smaller — is better; better has nothing to do with size.
  • Our technology rules, but we think common sense can be just as revolutionary.
  • We think like entrepreneurs, but work as a team.
  • We have something to prove, every day.

We opened our doors in November 2007, with a vision to work with our shareholders, friends and neighbors to build a financial services organization focused on the Northern Virginia business community, its owners and employees. Our mission is to do more than provide traditional banking products — we want to help people achieve their financial dreams, whether that’s creating a Fortune 500 company, planning for college educations, retirement, or whatever that dream may be.

By attracting top-notch experienced bankers and combining their skills with state-of-the-art technology, we offer our customers high-tech banking and products that will successfully compete with any other bank.  All in all, we deliver the best banking relationship for our customers and create a banking experience unparalleled in Northern Virginia.

Welcome to our bank.

Our Commitment

FVCbank is committed to giving back to the communities where we do business to ensure a brighter future for everyone. The feeling of belonging extends well beyond the walls of our bank. It spreads out into the communities that we serve. Being a good corporate citizen means actively playing a role in the community; this is why many of our managers, officers and board members are involved in local philanthropic and civic organizations.

David W. Pijor
Chairman & Chief Executive Officer